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Loyalty App


ZUBIZU is a mobile application that is shaped according to your interests, fed by the latest trends, and that you will never want to leave. 

In the colourful world of ZUBIZU;

Content that is renewed every day according to your interests;

Instant discounts on your favourite brands;

The privilege of easy access to the most up-to-date concerts and events in the city;

Easy reservations for the city's most popular restaurants;

One-touch mobile payment convenience; 

And you will find much more.

Throughout the project, I worked on end-to-end brand integrations, call center integration, merchant integrations, payment system integrations based on user experience. I took part in extracting the flows according to both the process and user experience. I took an active role in drawing wireframes and conducting user research interviews. I created a lo-fi prototype by updating the application and the process according to the feedback from the user. After the sample design, I created a hi-fi prototype and performed the user tests again. I mentored IT analysts during the software process.

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UX Designer&

Product Owner

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