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ETSTUR Hotel Agent

End-to-End Hotel System


Etstur is a travel agency and tour operator based in Istanbul. In addition to more than 150 agencies in 48 cities, the brand, which provides access to its products from anywhere through its website, mobile application and call center, has the title of establishing the Agency - Transportation - Guidance - Accommodation chain for the first time in Turkey.

It is a web application project developed for hotels to make their own websites and manage their sales channels.

During the project process, I examined the competitors and analysed the difficulties experienced by the hotels in the systems they use, by conducting user interviews. Then I drew the wireframes and shared them with the UX design team and the product manager. I made Lo-Fi prototypes and tested with hotel owners and agents who will use the system. As a result of the meetings, we designed a web application with the UX design team that could solve the existing problems and meet their new requests. I supported the UX Design team by creating user stories and test cases. We created a Hi-Fi prototype, made the final tests, and developed the application using scrum methodology with the software team.

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